Fly balloons with us! We welcome you to join our flights around Krakow. Balloon flight is an amazing gift and great opportunity for engagement. Experience world from above and admire the view!

Hot air balloon is the oldest and most extraordinary aircraft. Big flying bubble amazes everyone and is greeted with wide smiles!

We fly only during good weather, slow wind and without rain.
Flights are calm and safe, so everyone who is brave enough to take off from earth can join us.

Our experienced team flies balloons for many years. We take part in balloon competitions in whole Poland. Few of us took part in First International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Shiraz, Iran on May 2010.

We are coorganizers of Krakow Hot Air Balloon Festival and cooperate with Scout Balloon Club. Aviation is our passion and we try to fly every spare moment. We are proud to be part of traditional New Year’s Eve and Easter flights

We encourage you to experience the incredible adventure of flying hot air balloon!

We fly all year round

During the summer, to avoid thermals, flights can endure between 6 and 9 AM and PM. During the winter flights are available between sunrise and sunset.

Flight date

Date must be chosen two weeks before planned flight. Two days before we check the weather forecasts and if it’s good and safe, we make detailed plans for time and place of start. If weather is bad and prevents us from flying, we wait for another good day.


Urszula Kalinowska

tel. +48 606 670 942


NIP: 9451476301 | REGON: 351125050
Account Number: 48 1140 2004 0000 3502 4309 4834